:   Hydrated Borate Mineral

Cas Number

:   12046-12-7

HS Code

:   25280030




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Colorless crystals or white granular powder

Common Names



:   1000 kg IBCs of Polypropylene

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Hydroboracite is a hydrated borate mineral (hence the name) of calcium and magnesium, whose chemical composition is CaMgB6O8(OH)6·3H2O. Its name is in allusion to the composition, being a hydrated borate, hydroboracite. Hydroboracite is an uncommon borate mineral. It is one of the borate minerals that form vitreous, silky, fibrous crystal clusters. Hydroboracite is similar to Ulexite, which is another more common borate that forms similar fibrous aggregates and thus both minerals are not easy to distinguish. Hydroboracite's silky lustre is quite attractive.

Mining Process

The mining process of Hydroboracite typically involves extraction from borate deposits, often found in arid or semi-arid regions where the evaporation of water over geological time has led to the accumulation of borate minerals. Steps of the mining processes are exploration, extraction, drilling and blasting, loading and hauling, crushing and grinding, beneficiation, drying, packaging and shipping.

It's important to note that specific mining methods and processes can vary depending on the geological characteristics of the deposit and the desired quality of the extracted Hydroboracite. Environmental considerations and sustainable mining practices are also integral aspects of modern borate mining operations.

Agriculture Industry

Hydroboracite is a source of boron, an essential micronutrient for plant growth. It is used in agriculture as a boron fertilizer to address soil deficiencies and promote healthy crop development.

Ceramics and Glass Industry

Borates, including Hydroboracite, are employed as fluxing agents in the ceramics and glass industries. They lower the melting point of materials, aiding in the production of glass and ceramic products.

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