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    Crude Palm Kernel Olein

    Crude Palm Kernel Olein in Tradeasia

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    Clear Yellow Liquid

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    Crude Palm Kernel Olein


    1 @ 22 MT Flexible Tank, 22 MT / 20FCL

    Brief Overview

    Palm kernel olein is the liquid component of palm kernel oil obtained from fractionation. Palm kernel olein is a light-colored oil. The oil characteristics of palm kernel oil are similar to refined coconut oil but more liquid at ambient temperature. It has excellent flavor stability and storage quality. It contains fewer short-chain constituents of C6, C8, and C10 compared with refined coconut oil. Besides, palm kernel olein is used as raw material for producing RBD palm kernel olein.

    Manufacturing Process

    Initially, palm fruits are gathered from plantations and subsequently threshed. Threshing allows the shell to be removed from the core of the fruit. The removed shell is sterilized for a period of time before the fruits are pressed by utilizing a mechanical press. The pressurized palm fruits are squeezed and the crude palm oil is extracted from the fruits. Further, distillation is conducted to separate the stearin (solid) and olein (liquid) of crude palm oil. 

    Food Industry

    Crude palm kernel olein can be used as cooking oil or as a base oil for the manufacturing of margarine. The hydrogenated product is also used to replace milk fat in ice cream making.

    Other Applications

    Its industrial application includes the production of soaps, shampoo, detergents, cosmetics, and lubricants. It is also used as a source of lauric and myristic acid production.

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