What is Coconut Oil Diethanolamide or Cocamide DEA?

coconut diethanolamide (Cocamid DEA)

Coconut diethanolamide known as Cocamide DEA is a generally used surface dynamic agent that assists with balancing out the foam in hand gels, hand-washing fluids, shampoos, and dish-washing fluids. It is a non-ionic surfactant and is produced from coconut oil.

Products that may contain coconut diethanolamine:

Universally handy cleaners Hand washing fluids
Barrier creamsIndustrial cleaners
Shower products Clothing cleansers 
Cooling liquids Hydraulic mining oil
Beautifying agents Metalworking liquids 
Dishwashing cleansersCleanser
SanitizersHand cleansers

Potential occupational exposures:

  • Machine operators
  • Food preparations occupations
  • Janitors and servants
  • Sheet metal laborers
  • Health aids
  • Warming, air, and refrigeration mechanics.

Elective names for coconut diethanolamine:

  • Coconut oil acid
  • Ninol
  • Coconut diethanolamine
  • Witcamide
  • Coconut oil diethanolamine
  • Calamide
  • Cocamide DEA

How Cocamide DEA is Made?

Cocamide DEA is made by reacting diethanolamine with a combination of unsaturated fats from coconut oils to make a diethanolamine, which, in this situation, is a viscous, clear fluid. Cosmetics and personal cleanliness products makers at that point used this fluid as a foaming agent and to make a creamy texture in conditioners, makeup, soaps, and shampoos. Heavy diethanolamine exposure can expand the danger of malignancy.

Chemical Structure

Cocamide DEA Chemical Structure

The chemical structure of Cocamide DEA (Cocamide Diethanolamine) involves the combination of coconut fatty acids with diethanolamine. Here’s a more casual representation:


Breaking it down:

  • “R” is like the cool coconut fatty acid chain.
  • “C(O)” is the fancy carbonyl group in the amide gang.
  • “N” is our nitrogen buddy chilling in diethanolamine.
  • “(CH2CH2OH)2” are the two ethylene glycol (CH2CH2OH) pals attached to the nitrogen.

Keep in mind, that this is just a laid-back sketch. The real deal might vary based on the coconut fatty acid crew used in the mix. Always peep the nitty-gritty chemical details from the manufacturers for the lowdown!”

Is Cocamide DEA Harmful?

As per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cocamide DEA is totally protected for use in personal cleanliness products and makeup. However, an assessment by the International Agency for Research on Cancer recorded the synthetic as known to cause malignancy. The International Agency for Research on Cancer evaluation impacted the State of California to restrict synthetic from use in shampoos and other personal cleanliness and beauty products.

Likely Side-Effects of Cocamide DEA

In little dosages, DEA can cause a hypersensitive response in certain individuals, producing a mild type of dermatitis. Huge dosages, however, are conceivably cancer-causing to people particularly as it builds up in the system over a long time. This is the reason California restricted its use.

Treatment of contact dermatitis because of coconut diethanolamide exposure

If you are diagnosed with coconut diethanolamide allergy, stay away from products that contain this. Read item names. It might require 15-20 days of staying away from exposure before progress in dermatitis occurs.

Standard treatment is used for dermatitis, normally skin corticosteroids and emollients. The go-to remedy in this skincare scenario involves the standard treatment methods for dermatitis, featuring the dynamic duo of skin corticosteroids and emollients. These work in tandem to combat inflammation and keep the skin well-hydrated.

Consulting with healthcare professionals is paramount for a tailored strategy to navigate the nuances of individual dermatitis experiences. It’s not just a skincare routine; it’s a personalized dermatitis saga with a focus on resilience and the ultimate quest for skin well-being.

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In conclusion, while Cocamide DEA is widely used as a surfactant in various personal care and household products, its potential health implications have sparked discussions. The chemical structure involves the combination of coconut fatty acids with diethanolamine, forming a versatile ingredient with various applications. Despite its prevalent use, concerns about its safety have been raised, with conflicting assessments from regulatory bodies.

Products containing Cocamide DEA may pose potential occupational exposures, especially for individuals in specific occupations. Alternately known by various names, this chemical is a key component in the cosmetic and personal care industry. However, heavy exposure has been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

The treatment of contact dermatitis resulting from coconut diethanolamide exposure involves a cautious approach. Diagnosis prompts strict avoidance of products containing the compound, with a suggested 15-20 day hiatus to observe improvements in dermatitis. Standard dermatitis treatments, such as skin corticosteroids and emollients, form the frontline in managing symptoms.

The controversy surrounding the safety of Cocamide DEA highlights the need for careful consideration and consultation with healthcare professionals. While regulatory bodies differ in their assessments, the focus remains on personalized strategies to navigate the individual experiences of dermatitis. It’s not just a skincare routine; it’s a journey towards skin well-being, emphasizing resilience and informed decision-making.