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Enzymes Acid Cellulase

Enzymes Acid Cellulase in Tradeasia



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White or Cream-Coloured Granular Powder

Common Names

Enzymes Acid Cellulase


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Cellulases are enzymes that are used for the surface modifications of cellulosic materials, primarily during finishing. It is a multi-component enzymatic system which hydrolyzes cellulose chains to glucose. Enzymes are effective over mild conditions of pH and temperatures and are easily biodegradable.

Textile Industry

Enzymes Acid Cellulase can be used in the finishing of textiles. Surface fibres are removed, and the surfaces of the treated textiles become smooth. It is most important in the processing of denim for providing special effects without significant fabric loss of strength.


It can also be used for cellulose fabric’s bio-polishing. It is applied to woven fabric, knitted fabric and can get better effect on cotton fabric, cotton/polyester blends, flax, ramie. The use of this acid cellulase would reduce the fuzziness and the pilling, enable the fabric to feel softer and smoother, and provide a more lustrous colour.

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