How Is Sodium Bicarbonate Used In Everyday Life


The common name of Sodium Bicarbonate is baking soda and it is widely used in cooking or baking. Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3 has a number of potential domestic uses and medical benefits, apart from cooking. The following are the uses of sodium bicarbonate:

It Treats Heart Burning

By countering stomach acid, baking soda can help to relieve heartburn. In a cup of water, disintegrate one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and drink it slowly. This approach has drawbacks that you should be mindful of.

  1. There’s some controversy as to whether someone with signs of heartburn really has high acid in their stomach.
  2. Baking soda, at 629 mg for every half spoon, is high in sodium.
  3. Metabolic alkalosis and heart problems may result if we use it regularly.

Reduce sunburns and skin irritation

To soothe itchy eyes, a baking soda bath is also recommended. Such baths are a widely used treatment for scratching from skin infections and bee bites. In order to have access, baking soda can help reduce skin irritation from sun damage. When blended with some other ingredients such as cornstarch and oatmeal, most people say it can be more effective. Adding 1 or 2 cups of sodium bicarbonate to a lukewarm tub to make a bicarbonate soda bath. Be sure to completely soak the infected area.


A perfect contribution to a healthy oral hygiene regimen is mouthwash. It enters your mouth corners and your teeth, gums, and tongue crevices that may be skipped while brushing.

As a substitute for mouthwash, many individuals use bicarbonate of soda. Much research has shown that it can help refresh the breath and also have antibacterial and antifungal properties.


There is odorless human sweat. By the sweat in the armpits, bacteria is formed and give a bad odor. These bacteria turn your sweat into products of acidic waste that give its smell to sweat.

By making odors less acidic, sodium bicarbonate will remove the scent of sweat. Keep patting your armpits with sodium bicarbonate, and you can note an improvement.

Any cancer therapies can be changed

Chemotherapy in cancer, which works by reducing or halting cancer cell development, is also handled. Cancer growth cells typically develop and increase at a quicker speed. Most studies indicate that bicarbonate of sodium could be more effective in making chemotherapy medicines function. Sodium bicarbonate can make the environment less acidic for tumors, benefiting from chemotherapy treatments

Air Freshener

Furthermore, less than ten percent of air fresheners offer you what they contain. In any event that you are sensitive to chemicals that might be utilized in deodorizers and room fresheners, this might be hazardous.

Sodium bicarbonate is an effective and natural alternative to air fresheners for industrial use. It associates with and neutralizes odor particles, rather than masking them.

Extinguish flames with oil and grease

Known as dry powder fire extinguishers, these forms are used to extinguish gasoline, grease, and electrical fires. In order to create carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate reacts with the heat that smothers and extinguishes the flames.

As such, small oil and grease fires can be put down using sodium bicarbonate. Do not really expect sodium bicarbonate to extinguish bigger house flames, though. More oxygen is drawn in by larger fires that can fight the effects of sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate is an adaptable ingredient that does have several uses beyond cooking, Sodium bicarbonate is cheap and readily available for use, so when in need to remove stain or odor you can reach sodium bicarbonate.